vi leverer kun til de lande som er nævnt herunder:
portrait landscape
autumn winter 2018


portrait | landscape

portrait | landscape is the key words and inspiration for minimums aw18 collection.


the most classic way to take a picture is by using portrait or landscape format. the portrait format gets its name from the most common use of the format – taking pictures of people. the landscape format is a wide format and best used for nature and landscape photography.

the inspiration from portraits can be seen when focusing on textures and details. the way of using colours and materials in our collections is inspired be the landscape.

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the colours and materials are
inspired by the landscape



shades of nature

a lot of our outerwear have technical qualities, that enables it to stand against the elements of the landscape. you will see shades of brown, green and navy colours, which reflects the shades you will encounter in the nature.

a mix of reliable and fresh styles to make your look clean and in bold colours to spice an outfit up. in terms of textures and as colder days to come, we have added the teddy texture so you will stay warm all-day long. the sporty touch seen in lightweight and technical synthetics quality, that provides a sporty pop to outfits, when combined with flattering silhouettes.


spice up your outfit by mixing clean
and reliable styles with bold colours


unexpected combinations of textures and colours

the key trend for our aw18 collection is layering. the weather is beginning to change and combining assorted styles with different properties, you can create outfits perfect for the coming period - weather-resisting but still fancy.

green tones, functional pockets and heavy qualities gives a distinct military vibe. in contrast to the military inspired look, we have added relaxed and soft qualities so you can style your outfits in a personal casual way. you will find a lot of inserted details in our collection – this will give you the feeling of luxury and quality.

hidden tech like lightweight water-resistant membranes is an important part of our aw18 collection. you will find exiting contrasts seen in a mix of textures and eye-catching patterns.

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